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Welcome to our site which was designed to provide information about yachting and get people from different countries, of different age and status united under sail. If you are passionate about yachting, sea and the islands this is the site for you! We would like to share our experience, knowledge, impressions and skills. We've got what to tell and show and we hope that it will be of interest to you.

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Even today many people don't know much about boating in the river, lake or sea. Some people think that yachts have always been the attributes of another world, another life and chartering is extremely expensive. Others associate boating trips with keeping night watches, sleeping in life-jackets and the greatest fear of every boater – spend your vacation with Seasick Prone. However everything is not so horrible! Of course, you will need extra knowledge, skills and some sailing emergency tools. But it is not so critical!

Why should you try yachting rather than take a trip by car, train or plane? Because it offers a unique chance to sail along the picturesque spots and see amazing sights which are hard to reach by land.

Today there is a great selection of boats, both sail and motor ones, available. Our country is one of the most developed regions in sailboat chartering. And no wonder, as the U.S. boasts great many routes with rich flora and fauna.

So what to begin with? Well, if you don't have a sailboat/yacht of your own, consider planning a sailboat charter. At first glance it may seem complicated. Charter is an agreement between a boat owner and you for renting the boat or its part for a particular voyage or a specified period of time. Finding a good charter company will take a lot of time as it is a very important step. Make sure you pay attention to every detail and learn more about any tern unknown to you. And here is the first tip and probably new term for you – if you are a beginner in boating, we don't recommend such kind of sailboat charter as Bareboat charter.

It is also important to choose the route you will take. The most popular destination for sailboat charting in the U.S. is The Great Lakes. These lakes are the largest areas of fresh water accumulation in the world. This is about 18 thousand kilometers of coastal line with pristine spots, beaches and cliffs. There is plenty of what to do there for outdoor enthusiasts. The main attraction is fishing on the Great Lakes, of course! There is an endless variety of offers in this sphere as well as a great selection of charters so finding the right fishing charter may be challenging.

Don't be scared, "sail ahead"! As beginners we knew about sailboating as much information as we did about space – practically nothing. But following the tips of experienced navigators and their crew members, complying with safety rules, and etiquete on a charter yacht we can say that yachting is just great!

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P.S. Be on the lookout when you are on board. Make sure you take your first boating charter along a small lake or a calm bay. A sunny day with light breeze will be perfect for your first sailing experience.