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Sailing Emergency Tools

A sailboat is a very complex piece of machinery, so complex in fact that a number of issues could possibly occur while out at sea. Thus, it of utmost importance to be prepared in the case of any emergency arising. It is a good idea to begin by creating a comprehensive list of all inventory currently aboard your vessel. Do not forget to update this list daily to ensure that you have all of the essentials needed to sail. Staying organized is the key to safe sailing.

New Zealand Sea Spanner | North Coast Charter
New Zealand Sea Spanner Wrench

Your stockroom should be in order at all times and fully equipped with a medical cabinet and safety zone. Each sailboat should have a complete tool kit in toe. The boat's tool kit should include the basics along with an adjustable wrench, a multi-use gadget, self sealing adhesive tape, and a rigging knife. An adjustable wrench ranging from five to seven inches is extremely handy in sticky situations! Several seamen prefer the New Zealand Sea Spanner wrench because of its high quality stainless steel, shackle spanner, twenty five millimetre spanner, and bottle opener.

Leatherman Multi Tool | North Coast Charter
Leatherman Multi Tool

The Leatherman multi-use gadget is a great tool to keep on board as well! This pocket-size tool is highly portable and does not take up much space. Plus, it is equipped with all of the essentials such as a phillips screwdriver, flat head driver, pliers, corkscrew, and knife assortment. Self sealing silicone tape is the perfect rescue tape. Water always seems to find itself in the most unwanted places! However, do not fear, rescue tape is here! The silicone tape is perfect for temporarily repairing cracks as well as an array of holes and leaks due to its highly versatile capabilities.

Rigging knives are perfect for heavy duty jobs where regular knives just do not make the cut. Marlinspike has created the ideal stainless steel rigging knife complete with a sturdy blade and shackle key. Keep in mind this tool has some weight to it, so it is best to log it in a safe place until it is needed. You will be thankful to have this knife in stock if an emergency arises.

When it comes to sailing you can never have too many cable ties aboard your vessel. Cable ties are strips of heavy duty plastic that are ideal for helping in a number of different situations. If a latch breaks you can use a cable tie to button down the hatch or if a flag needs better securing a cable tie can come in handy here as well. Cable ties are so simple, yet extremely effective.

Stainless Steel Rigging Knife with Marlin Spike | North Coast Charter
Stainless Steel Rigging Knife with Marlin Spike

One can never have too much lighting in the case of an emergency. It is in your best interest to keep a plethora of emergency lighting in stock on your vessel, such as headlamps and wind up torches. Battery powered headlamps are perfect in the case of an emergency when you need to see but also use both of your hands, such as mechanical or electrical repair in the dark. When working with tools it is vital to be able to see what you are doing so that you do not lose a limb. Obtaining a few wind up handheld torches are also essential because they do not utilize batteries. In the case when you have lost, ruined, or are out of stock in batteries - the torches will be your only option for light. Needless to say, make sure to have a plethora of batteries on board at all times!

Goggles can be your best friend in stormy weather on rough seas. It is extremely important to maintain visibility at all times during an emergency! Goggles will increase your chances of retaining moderate eyesight in order to make good judgements in the case of an emergency. Keep them in a very accessible area as storms can arise without warning. Any goggles can get the job done but large ski goggles are preferred for maximum visibility.

Obtaining the correct amount of life jackets aboard your vessel should go without saying but they are vital to surviving cases of extreme emergency. It is also a good idea to bring aboard your own life jacket when sailing or chartering a boat. This way you know the quality, fit, and history of the jacket. You will be familiar with how to properly, safely, and quickly place the jacket on your body without hesitation. Hesitation is the key to failure in any emergency. At the end of the day it is worth splurging on your own high standard vest, as it may save your life one day.

A pre-loaded GPS is also a great safety tool to consider storing on your vessel. A GPS can come in handy if the boat's navigation shuts down or you just want to make sure you are heading on your chartered course correctly. You can even keep your own log of distance, speed, and travel time. There are several reputable brands that create sturdy and long lasting, fully pre-loaded GPS's.

Not only is it important for the boat to be fully stocked with safety equipment but you should also be fully stocked with the vital personal effects. It is in your best interest to keep a list of things that are necessary when boating, such as a sun protectant, wet weather gear, lip balm, hat, and possibly even gloves/thermal underwear. A personal first aid kit is not a bad idea either. This way you have your own stock of safety equipment on hand at all times. Waterproof everything you bring. It is always better to be safe now than sorry later!