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Kinds of Sailboat Charters

Sailboat charters typically fall into two specific categories, fully crewed or bareboat. A fully crewed charter comes complete with, you guessed it, a captain and crew whereas a bareboat does not. Each style of charter offers its own distinct benefits.

Sailboat Charters | North Coast Charter

If you want to get a vacation for the soul then a fully crewed charter is the best option for you. There is nothing quite like vacationing on a sailboat where your every need is met without lifting a finger. Your drinks and food will magically appear right before your eyes and your destinations will come and go effortlessly. Not to mention, the crew can double as your personal photographers and none of your guests will ever have to be left out of a photo. Plus, a great crew can offer you one of a kind knowledge about the region you are visiting. Unsure of where to snorkel, or dive? Just politely ask your captain or crew, they will know the most exclusive points of interest. The best part of setting out to sea with a well versed captain/crew is that you will never ever have to worry about provisions, navigation, and/or ship maintenance. Your every wish truly is the crew's command.

For the patron who would like to save a buck or two but has no clue about the inner workings of a sailboat charter, then a captain-only sailboat is the recommended option for you. Captain-only charters fall somewhere in between a fully crewed and bareboat charter. You and your guests will act as the boat's crew while the captain navigates the ship. The captain will involve you in sailing the ship, but your main responsibilities will be cooking, and cleaning. Keep in mind it is customary for you to pay and prepare meals for the captain as well.

On a bareboat charter, you and your friends or family act fully as the captain and crew. You and you alone are solely responsible for operating/navigating the boat safely and successfully while out at sea. Navigating a charter alone will fine tune your sailing abilities in a short amount of time. Flotilla Sailing | North Coast Charter The best part of occupying a bareboat charter is that you have complete freedom to go any where and do anything your heart desires. Think of bareboating as owning your own ship for a week. You will experience all of the ups and downs that a real captain and crew go through year round.

The last style of sailboat charter available to you is a flotilla bareboat charter. In a flotilla charter, a small or large group of bareboat charters will decided upon a set itinerary and navigate the sea together. Some charter companies supply partial provisioning and an example itinerary for bareboat flotillas depending on which charter company you decide to book with. In rare cases guides are even provided to aid you in navigating this weeklong adventure. Flotillas are a great opportunity for people of differing skill levels to work together and learn from one another. Flotillas are perfect for first time bare boaters. Rest assured knowing you will never be alone on the water!

No matter which style of sailboat you choose, your trip will be a wonderful adventure!