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Great Lakes Yacht Charters

Yacht on The Great Lakes | North Coast Charter

You would never guess that right in the middle of the good old USA are thousands of miles of grandeur coastlines hosting countless sailing destinations of clear waters, beautiful marinas, gorgeous mansions, and charming towns. The five Great Lakes offer North America amazing charter opportunities that do not require an international flight to yacht in paradise. The United States, Canada, and Minnesota among numerous other states are interconnected by the five Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Michigan.

On any of these five awesome and vast bodies of water you are able to rent a charter for a week or even an entire summer without ever visiting the same wharf twice. A few of the most premium waters for yacht charters of any budget to cruise on the Great Lakes can be found along the North Channel as well as the Canadian side of Lake Huron on the Georgian Bay. The Great Lakes are so enormously large that chartering their entire distance is not ideal, so instead charters travel through only a small quarter of each lake. Below you will find a list of four regions within the Great Lakes perfect for exploration, however keep in mind there are hundreds more.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore | North Coast Charter

#1 Wisconsin

Wisconsin is special because it is home to an extremely active boating culture known as the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is made up of twenty one islands equaling almost seventy acres. This boating haven is located off the northernmost tip of Wisconsin on Lake Superior. It hosts an array of pristine beaches, preserved bays, and picturesque caves. The area is known for its wildlife sightings, and wide fishing places. Eight historic lighthouses are also located amongst six of the islands and are truly a sight to see. Madeline Island is home to the town of La Pointe which is perfect for shopping. However, this region is famous for being one of the coldest throughout the United States, so it's visiting season is fairly short.

#2 Michigan

Lake Michigan Shoreline | North Coast Charter

One could get lost in travel along Michigan's three thousand mile shoreline alone! If Michigan's shoreline was stretched out straight across the United States, it would reach from LA to New York with almost five hundred extra miles to spare. Needless to say, this boating destination is filled with numerous beaches, harbors, and lighthouses. The state of Michigan borders four of the great lakes including Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron, so the types of yacht charters are endless. Scuba divers are also welcomed to join the fun as there are several underwater shipwrecks to explore.

Traverse City is a highlight of Northern Michigan! National Geographic even placed the city as one of the United States top ten summer destinations. Nicknamed as the World's Cherry Capital, Traverse City is perfect for hikers, wine connoisseurs, and the overall adventurer as its shores are filled with a plethora of fun activities.

#3 Lake Erie

South Bass Island | North Coast Charter

On the East end of the Great Lakes is Lake Erie complete with a beautiful Put-in Bay located on South Bass Island. South Bass Island is a very small, picturesque island that runs two miles by four miles. Known as the 'Key West of the North', its one hundred and fifty guest receive almost two million visitors annually. Charters are welcome to dock at any public facility and explore the island by foot or bike. There are countless scenic cottages and historic homes strew across the island to explore. Not to mention, if you have the time, the South Bass Island State Park is worth a visit.

#4 1000 Islands

1000 Islands - Lake Ontario | North Coast Charter

Lake Ontario is home to a region known as the 1000 Islands along the St.Lawrence River. With only a short sail to New York or Canada, both communities offer countless events, festivals, and historic celebrations to attend along the lake's edges. Canada's accessible cities include Kingston, Cornwall, and Brockville, where one can bike their way through gorgeous mansions, or dive over a dozen suba sites. The United States's accessible destinations include Cape Vincent, Alexandria Bay, and Sackets Harbor where one can explore historic battlefields, museums, and marinas. 1000 Islands offers more than fifty miles of activities during the summer months! Keep in mind when navigating through this area of Lake Ontario the waters tend to get extremely shallow, so please take extra precaution. Passports are also required if you plan to cross the border between the United States and Canada.

Boating throughout the Great Lakes is a great adventure! Not to mention, U.S. residents can easily travel back to this remarkable destination annually and always discover something new! Bonvage!