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Fishing on the Great Lakes

Boat Trip in the Great Lakes | North Coast Charter

America's Great Lakes offer a wide array of fresh water fishing! Whether you prefer to fish from a breakwall, pier, or by charter boat with an experienced captain in tow, at least one of the Great Lakes will have what you are looking for. Research each of the five lakes and see which body of water will suit your needs best.

#1 Lake Superior

Lake Superior | North Coast Charter

Lake Superior is the largest of the great lakes! On Lake Superior you will find there are many different fishing conditions to choose from as the lake has accesses from not only several areas of the United States, but from Canada as well. Salmon, walleye, and trout are native to Lake Superior because of its cooler water temperatures. If you prefer to fish on shore, you will most likely catch an array of smallmouth bass or walleye. If fishing offshore is more your niche, you may want to think about renting a fishing charter. Lake Superior is a vast body of water with so many fishing options you may become overwhelmed. Having an experienced fishing charter captain by your side to aid you every step of the way will not only come in handy, but will make your trip extremely worthwhile!

Lake Michigan Fishing | North Coast Charter

#2 Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the ideal spot for shore fisherman! The area surrounding Lake Michigan is highly industrialized with several places to fish from such as breakwalls, public access piers and harbors. During Fall, you can expect to catch brown trout, salmon, and coho. While in the summer months smallmouth bass and perch flood the waters. If you prefer to fish by boat, bass boats are available to fish up to a half a mile away from the shoreline. Fishing charters are available for deeper fishing all across the lake as well. We recommend a twenty eight inch reel and up for deeper fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan.

Lake Huron Fishing | North Coast Charter

#3 Lake Huron

Due to Lake Huron's numerous channels and bays, there are several fishing options available to the public. Lake perch are native to Huron's shallow bays while carp are popularly found throughout the waters. Carp fishing is fun because of the carp's tenacity to put up such a good fight once on the hook! Last but not least fly fisherman are drawn to Lake Huron due to its remarkable variety of trout species.

#4 Lake Erie

Lake Erie - Yellow Perch | North Coast Charter

Lake Erie is famous for its massive amounts of walleye, smallmouth bass, and perch. Since the 1980's Lake Erie has been nicknamed the world's walleye capital! Shore fishing is most ideal for Lake Erie during spawn season. Although, most experienced anglers prefer to deep water troll throughout the lake's basins and channels in the summer months. The charter industry is booming and quite competitive around Lake Erie due to its growth in population. So, it is in your best interest to shop around before landing on the fishing charter of your choice! Prices have been known to vary drastically within a five mile radius.

#5 Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario Fishing | North Coast Charter

Lake Ontario is the smallest of the five great lakes! It is best known for its trout and salmon population. However, species of musky and pike can also be found throughout Lake Ontario's water. Smaller boats and shore fisherman typically take to the bays along the northeast region of the lake where several species of salmon, trout, perch, bass, and walleye can be found. Charters are available to take anglers out for deeper water fishing to search for musky and pike. Lake Ontario's shores are highly populated with fishing resorts as well as charters for any budget, so there is sure to be an option that fits your needs best!