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Chartering with the Seasick Prone

Many people dream of taking a beautiful chartered yacht vacation but let their sensitive systems hold them back. Seasickness should never stop you from doing something you love! If you are prone to seasickness, taking a charter getaway is not a problem as long as you choose your destination wisely. Read below for suggestions on where to charter on calmer but still extremely fun waters.

Happy and Seasick Prone Passengers | North Coast Charter

One would never guess that chartering the deep blue sea is not off limits to seasick prone passengers. Along the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, one can find calmer waters that will be gentle on a sensitive stomach. A sailboat or even a power boat is perfect for island hopping the short distances between the picturesque islands. The clear waters host a plethora of sea life that can be seen from atop the water’s surface. Due to the islands position on the Salish Sea just north of Seattle, Washington, it is protected from the Pacific Ocean opening off of Vancouver Island. While you may experience a small wind chop, you will rarely ever find a high sea tide or long swell problematic.

Chesapeake Bay is another beautiful shoreline to visit! With over eleven thousand miles of coastline to explore, there is sure to be an area you will love. During specific seasons of the year Chesapeake can get quite unruly, however if you stick to exploring a specific region in a season with calmer weather, you will not regret it. Try researching areas such as St, Michael's, Solomons, or Annapolis, each are only a few miles from land and not completely surrounded by open waters which will give reassurance to nervous passengers.

Inland Lakes are perfect for the seasick prone as they will never experience high tides or major swells! Plus, there are several lakes to choose from all over the U.S. such as, Lake Powell, UT, Lake St.Clair, MI, and not to mention the five Great Lakes among a dozens more. Charters are available on several larger lakes but houseboats are especially popular on smaller ones. Each vessel offers an extremely stable cruising platform that is ideal for families traveling with children or seniors.

River/lake boating is ideal for the ultra sensitive or nervous prone passenger. Cruising through a river or canal is a more relaxed and slow going ride. Boats typically do not ever rise above five knots in speed! This is perfect for passengers who need to get off the charter from time to time as they can keep up with the boat by biking alongside it on any given footpath. Rivers do have naturally occurring currents but you will never experience large swells or any wind chop.

Cruising canals outside the United States is possible as well. The Canal de Bourgogne in France or the Shannon River in Ireland are both ideal for cruising, sightseeing, and learning about amazing history. Not to mention each have easy access to fabulous restaurants, wineries, and scenic towns along the shoreline. Handling rental canal boats are very easy and little to no experience is required. Also if you experience an issue, you are never too far from help.

You should never let seasickness keep you from joining a wonderful boating vacation with family or friends! Broaden your horizons by researching your best destination and charter options. The next thing you know you will be out on the waters having the time of your life.