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Contrary to popular belief, vacationing on a chartered yacht is not solely exclusive to the rich and famous. Several charter companies offer affordable yacht vacations at destinations across the globe. A week stay on a chartered yacht is comparable to the price of a skiing trip or resort based vacation. However, there are a few factors that will affect the price of your charter stay such as the size, age, and style of the vessel.

In order to get the best bang for your buck aboard a moderately sized and fully crewed charter vacation is to choose a group of at least four to ten members to accompany you on yacht vacation. If your group is larger than what one boat can accommodate for, then it is common to arrange a flotilla charter. A flotilla charter is where two or more ships sail together along the same pre - decided itinerary. The more people the merrier because the cost per person will be less expensive when split between a bigger group. Keep in mind the larger the boat, the more expensive your vacation will become!

Age is also a factor when it come to yacht pricing. The newer the yacht you rent, the more expensive it will become. The age of the yacht typically has to effect on the quality of your stay as each yacht is fully equipped and meticulously maintained. If your preference is to board a brand new boat, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny in price.

You will also need to consider the style of crew you would prefer to charter your yacht. One style of crew that several charters offer is a team consisting of one professionally trained chef and five to seven well uniformed crew members who will continuously wait on you hand and foot. Keep in mind this style of yacht is typically more expensive.

Another option available to you is a more casually styled crew. On this type of charter the atmosphere is more relaxed and much less formal. The crew will still provide you with great service upon request and will give you plenty of alone time. If you are unsure which style of charter to book, think of your past vacations and which you enjoyed moreā€¦ sleeping in a five star resort hotel or lodging in a quaint bed and breakfast? If your preference is a five star stay then a more formal charter may be right choice for you and visa versa.

If your dream vacation is a yacht getaway but your budget truly does not allow you to rent a full yacht, do not fear, you one last option to choose from and that is a rent by cabin charter. On a rent by cabin charter you will pay a pre approved, fixed rate, for one cabin on a full size yacht for one week. If you choose to rent a cabin on a smaller yacht to better fit your budget, then be prepared to possibly share your bathroom area with other guests also renting rooms on said charter. Understand when renting by cabin on a chartered yacht there will be other people you do not know renting the rest of the available cabins. This option is not popularly offered due to possible personality clashes as boats only offer people so much room to rome. You must be an extremely flexible person with an open mind to truly enjoy this type of charter. However, if you fit the bill and your budget allows then this type of charter may save you loads of money in the long run.

Yacht Charter | North Coast Charter

Once you land on your preferred yacht style, size, and age - your dream yacht charter holiday is but a mouse click, email, or phone call away!